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who is whosoever

a child was born in 1942.

his grandfather named the child jivandas

when the child was sent to the primary school,

his father changed the boy's name to hari chand.

later hari chand passed his matriculation

as harish chander.

he met his spiritual master osho in 1969.

in 1970, when osho started giving sannyas,

harish chander was given a new identity

as swami chaitanya bharti, by his master.

from 1974, he started conducting

meditation camps, as instructed by his master.

since then, he was addressed as swamijee by all.

in 2002-2003,

in his first 40 day osho meditation intensive in goa,

some participants were not comfortable

addressing swami chaitanya bharti as swamijee

...since they themselves were also called as swami;

they realized that swamijee deserves

to be addressed with more reverence and devotion

...better suiting to his work as a guide, as a master.

since then, they lovingly started calling him gurudev

...instead of swamijee.

but after Goa retreat, while responding

to the letters of his friends and fellow-travelers,


he started signing off as whosoever at the end.

and then on april first, 2010,

while reading out a letter as usual

...written to a fellow-traveler

...he suddenly requested to those present :

from today onwards,

please address me as whosoever.

to everyone's amazement

...and a question mark on their face,

he started explaining :

at this age... and the last phase of life,

i would like to live and leave

without having any identity behind.

so i don't feel to keep any identity anymore.

furthermore, until now,

all the identities were given to me by others.

and they were all perfect

as far as functioning in this world is concerned.

so for functional purpose only,

for the remaining part of life,

i would like to be called as whosoever.

otherwise, there's no need at all.

long ago, i lost all my identities as a person someone somebody.

as one day, i appeared in this world without a name,

so one day, i would like to disappear without a name.

during this journey of life,

i always respected your feelings.

now, it is your turn to accept me as whosoever

...which will make me really happy.

since then,

he is addressed by all... as beloved whosoever.