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what is mystery

beloved whosoever,

can you talk something about mystery?


all knowledge... whatsoever it may be

– worldly or spiritual – is ignorance.

knowledge is a veil of ignorance on the mystery.

knowledge covers the knowingness.

knowingness is a state of no-mind.


knowingness is a mystery.

the very state of being and knowing is mysterious.


everything is a mystery.

whatsoever is manifested is a mystery.

the whole of existence is a mystery.

i am, you are, the world is... this is all a mystery.


better to ask : what is not a mystery?

but one is so insensitive, so unconscious

that one doesn't experience the mystery,

which surrounds him all the time.


sleep, dream, waking... all is a mystery.

breathing, seeing, hearing, smelling,

touching, tasting... all is a mystery.

laughing, weeping, feeling, being angry,

jealous, envious, loving, hating... all is a mystery.

but one is so mechanical and conditioned

that one never becomes aware of

all these mysterious happenings.


there are uncountable cells, nerves and veins in the body,

functioning by themselves... is it not a mystery?


but one never pays attention to all these.

all the time, one is loaded with useless knowledge;

one is heady all the time... which makes him sleepy,

zombie, self-hypnotized, choosy, carried away by

likes-dislikes, thoughts, feelings... and what not!


just like a fish, which is unaware of water

...though the water surrounds it all the time...

one is so occupied in this entire phenomenon,

that he is cut off from the mysterious

which surrounds him within and without.


when your parents were enjoying the act of love,

you were conceived. you were so tiny at that time

that you could not be seen with naked eyes.

such a small thing, called sperm, started taking a form

and after 9 months appeared a small baby

who even could not speak or know anything.

but today you are so knowledgeable –

a great pandit, a proud scholar – as if knowing

each and everything... is that not mysterious?

out of that tiny material, today you have a huge

body with such a heavy head – formed with eyes,

ears, nose, mouth – resting on the body.

also, having a big belly, hands, feet, nails, hair

and so on... growing & functioning on their own.

because of your acquired knowledge,

you are so much drowned in ignorance

that you remain cut off from the mystery

which surrounds you all the time.


to me, it is a great surprise that sun and moon,

mountains and rivers, trees and plants, flowers

and foliage, animals and birds – oceans, stars,

planets, galaxies – billions and billions of

uncountable living beings, uncountable

species... all these do not surprise you;

all this is taken for granted.

one remains unaware of all these.

such an infinite mystery,

but one is simply insensitive and unconscious!


unless you discover what you are, how you happen to be;

unless you explore the mystery of being and knowing,

you cannot attain peace.


and my friend,

mystery is such a phenomenon

that one gets the feeling that one has not understood

...still something is understood.


mystery is such a phenomenon

which gives the feeling as if one has understood

...and yet it remains un-understood.