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residential courses

and meditation intensives

in the presence

and personalized guidance of whosoever,

osho mystery school offers...


spontaneous courses of 3, 6 and 12 months

...based on proper guidance,

proper knowledge and proper understanding

...for those desirous, deserving and courageous ones,

who really are longing to know what actually they are.

the courses are personalized and devised

according to the need of each individual

...and are based on the insights of osho

and all other realized masters.

apart from the courses,

osho mystery school also offers

40-day osho meditation intensive

from december 11... osho's birthday

to january 19... the day osho left his body

21 day osho meditation intensive

exclusively with osho mystic rose,

around 21st March

the day of osho's realization

10 day osho meditation intensive

on the occasion of gurupurnima, master's day

...which is usually in july.

other osho meditation intensives

are announced from time to time.