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osho on mystery school

the whole work of the mystery school

is to somehow introduce you to yourself;

how to bring consciousness to the disciple;

how to wake him up;

how to allow him to be himself;

because the whole world is trying

to make him somebody else.

long forgotten,

one of the most beautiful words in any language

...a living word upanishad means

...sitting at the feet of the master.

it says nothing more

...just to be in the presence of the master;

just to allow him to take you in his own light... in his own blissfulness his own world.

and that's exactly the work of a mystery school.

the function of a mystery school is:

the master speaking

...or in silence looking at you

...or making a gesture

...or just sitting with closed eyes,

manages to create a certain field of energy.

and if you are receptive, if you are available,

if you are ready to go on the journey of the unknown,

something clicks and you are no more the old person.

a mystery school teaches how to live.

its whole science is the art of living.

naturally, it includes many things

...because life is multi-dimensional.

but you must understand the first step

– being totally receptive... open.

a mystery school is a very systematic

encounter with the miraculous.

and the miraculous is all around you

– within and without... both.

just a system is needed.

the master simply provides a system

to enter slowly into the deep waters

...and ultimately to enter a stage,

where you disappear into the ocean;

you become the ocean itself.

becoming part of a mystery school

is a great benediction.

it is very difficult to find a mystery school find people who are searching

and not imposing themselves on each other,

but only helping each other... if the need is there.

there's no place where love is being taught.

there is no place where love is being nourished.

that is one of the functions of the mystery school,

to make your love pure – without ego, power

and domination – just a sheer gift of joy

...a delight in the being of the other person

...just a sharing of all that you have

– holding nothing back.

in front of the mystery school of

mevlana jalaludin rumi,

it was written in bold letters:

this place is not for those, who are only curious.

this is the whole work of

the mystery school to let your ego dissolve

and to help you into a deep let-go with existence.

being initiated into mystery school simply means

that now you are taking the first step

towards actualizing your potential for freedom.

when man becomes really free,

free from the cause-and-effect chain,

he is buddha... he is a christ;

then he lives in freedom.