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invitation for a 40-day feast

beloved friends

we all friends at osho devlok

feel immense joy informing you that the

osho dhyan leela foundation

is ready with its 5th successive

40-day osho meditation intensive

from december 11... osho's birthday

till january 19... the day osho left the body

the feast will happen

in the presence of swami chaitanya bharti

lovingly known as gurudev

and now addressed as beloved whosoever

whosoever was fortunate

to be amongst the first six disciples

who got initiated into sannyas by osho in 1970

when osho shifted from mumbai to pune in 1974

and stopped conducting meditation camps himself

he appointed swami chaitanya bharti

to continue on his behalf

since then

whosoever has continued to keep

this flame burning with undiminished energy

enthusiasm and commitment

in the years that have followed since his realization

whosoever has transformed many lives by sharing his love

and wisdom. his meditation retreats have become a mecca

for many sincere seekers from around the world

the venue for the retreat this time is

osho devlok, srirangapatna, karnataka, india

a silent and serene location

right on the banks of river kaaveri

where all the five elements

the space, the wind, the light, the water

and the earth are in abundance

from which we are created

osho devlok is about 125 kilometers away

from bangalore city and 15 kilometers before mysore city

osho devlok is spread over 3 acres of calm and

lush green landscape... situated on the banks of silently

flowing river kaaveri... known as the ganges of south india

surrounded by coconut trees

bamboo grooves, lush green fields, variety of birds

and the sound of running water

far away from the chaos, noise, pollution

and madness of city life

as always... we welcome only those friends

who have a deep longing for self-transformation

and are willing to participate with their totality

and commitment for the entire 40 days

because of limited accommodation

only 40 participants can be accommodated

that is why the participation will be on a



registration open from october 1st, 2011

the last date to enlist will be october 31, 2011


please note that a lot of inquires have already come

since last 8 months and 20 places have been reserved

even before the announcement of this event

therefore, interested friends should get in touch

with the meditation intensive co-ordinator

as soon as possible and confirm their participation

with love

manish bharti

meditation intensive co-ordinator