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function of

a mystery school

beloved whosoever,

what is the function of a mystery school?


a mystery school is a space

where one learns and unlearns,

lives, experiences and realizes

the mystery of his own existence

and what exists all around.

the function of a mystery school

is to connect you with your inner self,

surrounding nature and its mystery

...because you are a product of nature.

a mystery school cannot exist

without a mystic in its center.

a mystic is one

who is realized, yet simple and ordinary being,

connected to the very ocean of mystery

...plugged into the source of mystery.

he is like an extension board with multiple sockets.

when you plug yourself properly in this extension board,

you are also connected to the very source of mystery.

a mystic is one

who has no borrowed knowledge,

who lives spontaneously,

responds moment to moment;

who is free from all kinds of inputs, impositions

and influences of cultures, traditions and scriptures.

a mystic is not a person but a presence

– self-effulgent, spontaneous, non-serious,

fearless, ever fresh and ready to respond

...whenever & whatever comes before him.

a mystic and a mystery school

helps you to be free from the load of

your acquired and accumulated knowledge,

which hinders the mysterious to penetrate;

helps you to transcend the mind,

the intellect, psyche and ego;

helps you simply to be, to live

...and connects you to your true nature what you really are.